Coherent Logix sponsors a University of Texas 2018 ECE Capstone Project.

Coherent Logix and UT’s Capstone Design Project

Coherent Logix provided support and equipment for budding engineers through our first-time sponsorship of the UT Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Capstone Project. As a local Austin technology company, we saw this sponsorship as an opportunity to teach local students about real-world technology and how it is implemented into the design of actual systems, like our Any World ViewTM application, which provides a virtual view from any position around a 360-degree hemisphere surrounding a vehicle. We were excited for the opportunity to provide real-world experience, exposure to our HyperXTM technology, and mentoring and education from our team.

UT’s Capstone design projects allow upper division undergraduate students to solve open-ended problems submitted by local industry representatives. The problem we presented our students with was to augment the Any World View application with low cost distance sensors that would feed information to a dynamic calculation of the rendering surface used for the virtual view. During the course of the project, we provided a real-time HyperX technology development platform, supported our students while they went through the process of identifying opportunities for improvement, defining the problem, analyzing competing needs and requirements, performing prior art and patent searches, developing alternative designs, carrying out cost analyses, and selecting and implementing a design solution.

Any World View (ADAS)

Any World View is an example of how well Coherent Logix’s technology can be applied to Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) markets. This program offers drivers a 360-degree view of a vehicle’s surroundings by providing real-time processing of multiple camera inputs from fixed position on the vehicle to generate a virtual perspective of the vehicle and surrounding area. This program utilizes our HyperX technology as the platform that operates the program.

We challenged the UT engineering team to improve the clarity and quality of the video generated by measuring the distance to objects around the vehicle and creating a dynamic rendering surface. The team, with our support, added range sensors to our existing design and created a new, user-friendly interface which allows the driver to shift the view perspective.

We were excited for this unique opportunity to support our community and look forward sponsoring another Capstone team in the Fall of 2019.

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