Compiler Engineer

Location: Anywhere in the US or Canada

Description: Coherent Logix is looking for experienced compiler engineers to design and develop a state-of-the-art C compiler targeted for Coherent Logix’s 4th generation multi-core embedded chip (HX4) using the LLVM compiling system framework. In this position, you will co-share the following responsibilities with other senior compiler engineers:

  • Customize LLVM backend to utilize the HX4 instruction set efficiently
  • Apply advanced compilation techniques targeting a multi-core instruction set architecture
  • Develop efficient algorithms for whole program optimization, parallel code generator and high performance library
  • Closely collaborate with architecture designers
  • Create compiler guided tools to assist user to develop or debug application running on a multi-core environment


  • MS in Computer Science with 2+ years of experience in compiler development
  • Experience with the LLVM compiling system
  • Experience in Place and Route algorithms
  • Experience with developing compiler optimization techniques for embedded architectures
  • Excellent knowledge of graph theory and graph based algorithms
  • Proficient in C/C++
  • Excellent communication skills


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