Coherent Logix is the ultimate platform for superior products

Not too long ago, sacrifices had to be made in order to make progress. This is NO MORE. Coherent Logix products, based on HyperXTM technology, combine the simplicity and flexibility of standards-based, general-purpose processors with the performance of ASIC, DSP, and FPGA chips to create a whole new class of semiconductor devices.

We call it the HyperX Memory Network Processor, and it’s changing the world as we know it. From simplifying supply chains to designing higher-quality electronics, the possibilities are truly impressive.

We’ve eliminated hard-coded logic and replaced it with 100 percent virtualization. This provides a new standard in low-power, high-capacity computing and redefines the levels of efficiency, flexibility, and scalability in an unprecedented, stable, and open architecture.

Together with the HyperX Integrated System Development Environment (ISDE)— which features a cycle-accurate simulator that allows the ability to develop, test, and debug on the fly— processors based on HyperX technology advance and streamline the entire product life cycle from engineering and design to manufacturing and product support.

Faster development. Lower costs. Greater creativity.

With more pressure than ever to get products to market faster, the HyperX Memory Network Processor and the HyperX Integrated System Development Environment enable design teams to dramatically cut development time and costs. They do so by supporting integrated application software development and verification design flow in standard ANSI C—with no detailed knowledge of chip design required. With lower power requirements and full virtualization, HyperX technology also allows for greater creativity and easier system design while eliminating hardware bottlenecks. With fewer barriers to realizing your vision, your imagination becomes your only limitation.