Simplify supply chains. Decrease costs. Improve product performance.

The future is bright for innovation in low-power, high-performance processing applications. For those who wish to participate in what was previously impossible, we invite you to contact us.

The HyperXTM Memory Network Processor enables manufacturers to simplify supply chains and decrease costs by consolidating the functionality of dedicated ASIC, DSP, and FPGA chipsets into a single parallel-processing chip. This improves overall product performance and prolongs product life by allowing manufacturers to push software updates, enabling a device to keep pace with changing technology, market conditions, and standards.

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Consumer electronics

Short battery life is the bane of all consumer electronics products.  Increased computational density in a lower-power footprint made possible by processors based on HyperX technology, helps companies lengthen battery life while providing more and more advanced features to differentiate their products.

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Mobile infrastructure

Ubiquitous video, augmented reality and other processing-intensive applications are putting the pressure on mobile networks to support increasing demands for speed and bandwidth. High-performance HyperX technology provides the flexible, at-the-edge processing capabilities mobile networks need to stay competitive now and into the future.

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With an insatiable appetite for the anytime-anywhere, streamable human experience, the higher-definition multimedia services market has been growing prolifically in both size and innovation all while requiring higher-performance processing. As the media industry moves to next-generation compression standards such as HEVC/H.265, the HyperX processor is ready to deliver all of the processing power needed in low-power platform.

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Broadcast infrastructure

As broadcast standards move to ATSC 3.0 in North America, the HyperX processor is a natural choice for processing environments that must simultaneously deliver a menagerie of digital entertainment services. The HyperX processor offers the flexibility companies need to develop products quickly while future-proofing them against evolving performance and market standards.

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Sensor processing

From advanced military sensors (e.g., electro-optical, infrared, LIDAR, radar, sonar, etc.) to mobile devices with cameras, GPS, gyroscopes, and accelerometers, sensor fusion has ushered in a whole new generation of devices and applications. In these typically space- and power-constrained operating environments that also demand high performance, low-power, HyperX processors can be used to perform sensor processing and augmented reality algorithms.

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Evolving flash technology and increasing performance expectations for solid-state storage have created a need for processing that can maintain performance in a wide range of use cases. HyperX processors are enabling the solid-state storage revolution by allowing for complex virtualized control logic that can be readily updated or modified as needed for any use case and change in flash technology.