Coherent Logix are the creators of the first virtualized system-on-a-chip for the embedded systems market.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Coherent Logix is a world leader in low-power, high-performance, C-programmable processors for the embedded systems market. Our primary goal is to leverage technical excellence, efficiency, and integrity to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes microprocessors, integrated system development tools, optimized libraries, system reference designs, and a customizable system development platform that reduces development complexity and time to market.

Our solutions support a wide variety of applications and industries, including Space 2.0, military, wireline and wireless communications, broadcast, IIoT, connected devices, and high-performance computing. We operate major R&D, marketing, sales, and support organizations out of Austin, TX.

Coherent Logix is a virtual, distributed company with clusters in Silicon Valley, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Waterloo, ON, and Atlanta, GA, with additional support and distribution offices in Taiwan.

Our talented team blends seasoned and respected veteran leadership with fresh young minds from the world’s most prestigious universities.

Seattle, WA


Walt Gall

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Michael Doerr

Co-Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Michael Solka

Chief Operating Officer / Founder

Bryan Richardson

General Counsel

Mike Purnell

Senior Vice President Software Engineering