Connected Devices

The Challenge of a Connected Future

There will be 29.4 billion connected devices on the planet by 2030. 16.2 billion of these will be net new, and most will be always on. Devices make life better, but we can’t afford for them to make our planet worse.

Coherent Logix Logo

Enter Coherent Logix.

HyperX processors offer up to 4x the performance of competitors, while consuming just half the power, and that is under load. Just like the human brain, HyperX processing elements only consume power when they are thinking: a tremendous advantage for always-on devices.

Systems Engineering

HyperX processors are far more efficient for development too. With our range of software-defined processors in different sizes and price points, all programmable in C, HyperX delivers unmatched flexibility and speed for ODMs and OEMs.

Share programmers across projects? No problem.

Develop and deploy on the same chip? No problem.

Put affordable headroom in the field for future features and releases? No problem.

Add features at the last minute? No problem.

Remember too, that HyperX comes with a robust ISDE, uses standard C debugging tools and doesn’t require timing closure or any of the other overhead that comes with FPGAs or ASICs. HyperX decreases development time by 75%. That means four releases in the time it used to take for just one.


A Simple Decision

Lower price, more capability, faster development and better for the planet. Why choose anyone else?