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Designed and proven in space applications, the HyperX processor family now covers every edge with the same set of real-time capabilities and efficient, powerful compute.


Our patented and scalable HyperX design comes in a spectrum of form factors and price points, enabling convergence across edge applications, edge devices and delivery teams.

Marketing Communications Remote and Television

Software-Defined Convergence

HyperX processors are software-defined hardware. They excel at security, software-defined radio, software-defined networking, sensor and video processing use cases. They are an affordable, powerful, and green canvas on which to develop products. Their ultimate identity and mission is up to you and can be changed and continuously improved long after delivery into your customer’s hands.

HyperX gives affordable headroom and C-programmability, unlocking software, service and ARR business models while decreasing waste and meeting consumer demand for green computing.

There will be winners and losers in the race to converge. The winners will have the flexibility and speed of our patented software-defined hardware: HyperX.

The Developer’s Choice.

It doesn’t get easier or faster than this:

Best in class power, efficiency and cost

  • Wideband-capable, with program switching at waveform timescales
  • C-programmability, robust Eclipse-based ISDE and toolset
  • Cycle accurate simulation and straightforward debugging
  • Code portability across the HyperX family
  • No timing closure required. 75% faster development cycles.
  • Develop, test and deploy on the same processor
  • Robust libraries and developer support community
  • Onboard RISC V for in-field management and upgradability

Media and Communications Use Cases:

4K/8K Production
HEVC/VVC Encoding
5G Radio
Cable & Satellite TV
Smart Sensor Devices
Powerline Networking
Networking & Network Security
5G Transport convergence
ATSC 3.0 3.0 sans BG