Space 2.0 & Defense

The World’s Most Advanced Space Processor

the computing
lower power
faster time-

*versus the leading rad-hard FPGAs.

Introducing HyperX Midnight by Coherent Logix

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Coherent Logix’s new HyperX Midnight SoC is the world’s most advanced space processor.

Compared to the leading space-qualified FPGAs, HyperX Midnight by Coherent Logix delivers up to 4x the computational performance per chip while using less than half the power. Our processing density and efficiency are unmatched.

HyperX Midnight provides the lowest size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP) of any fine-grain programmable radiation-hardened space processor - and we do all this for approximately 1/3 the cost.

HyperX Midnight is ideal for use with real-time wideband sensors and communication systems. Its exceptionally high data throughput, on-chip networking, and real-time program switching (<50ns) enable decisions at the edge, active response to uncertain RF environments, and intelligent refinement of data-in-motion.

It’s time to move on from FPGAs, and HyperX Midnight is the obvious choice to replace them in space and terrestrial applications.*

*pre-production estimates

The Best Choice for Flight Hardware is the Best Choice for Development Teams Too

HyperX Midnight is a Software-Defined System-on-a-Chip based on Coherent Logix’s proven and patented HyperX technology.

HyperX Midnight is programmable in ANSI C, comes with a powerful ISDE and cycle-accurate simulator, and uses standard software debugging practices. There is no need for timing closure or any of the other development overhead found with FPGAs.

With these advantages, HyperX Midnight customers deliver completed solutions up to 4x faster than engineers stuck with the limitations of FPGA development. That means 4 complete versions in the time it used to take to do just one - or at 75% reduction in development cost and time.

HyperX Midnight is fully reprogrammable in orbit and delivers real-time scheduling with task-switching in less than 50ns.

With its exceptional performance, efficiency, and C-programmability, HyperX Midnight delivers the most headroom and flexibility for your space applications - before and after launch.

Functional Hardware

SDR, SDN, SDAI, SDx. Bring your most demanding use case. Bring several.

HyperX Midnight by Coherent Logix is ideal for routing, relay, hub, beamforming and MIMO use cases. It excels at software-defined radio, software-defined networking and software-defined AI. Wideband-capable and able to switch programs at waveform timescales, HyperX Midnight excels at sensing and communication use cases that require:

Wideband streaming data

  • Analysis and refinement of data-in-motion
  • Autonomous decisioning at the edge
  • AI-based novel signal detection
  • Real-time adaptive response

Common use cases include:

  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Synthetic aperture radar
  • Satellite communications and on-board networking
  • 5G to satellite
  • MIMO

Proven and Trusted: TRL-9

Coherent Logix is a known and trusted name in microprocessors, used in space applications since 2010. Our partners and customers are best-of-breed leaders in the Space 2.0, defense and communications industries. We’ve been around the block… we’ve just been a well-kept secret until now.

Winning Bids Start with HyperX Midnight

HyperX Midnight by Coherent Logix ticks every box. Why would you base a bid on anything else?

Low SWaP
Radiation Hardened
Async asynchronous
Massively parallel architecture
On-Chip network fabric for exceptional data throughout
Real-time regrogrammable
On-orbit updatable
Sub 50ns task switching
90+% processor utilization
Optimized for streaming data
75% lower cost to program then FPGAs