Software Driven Solutions

At Coherent Logix,
we are reinventing hardware as software.
What does that mean?

For Developers:

  • ANSI C development environment with standard software development debugging tools
  • Independent, reusable, and modular components for high-speed parallel development
  • Multi-layered parallel processing: within data-memory routers, processing elements, and across chips simultaneously
  • Develop and ship on the same chip
  • Code portability across chip sizes and price points in the HyperX family
  • Rapid coding, building, testing, and optimizing of design components
  • Autonomous or developer-defined layout of computation, data flow and communications across processing elements
  • Native HyperX support for low-latency, high-throughput data transfer capabilities for streaming, communications, and image processing
  • Flexible deployment architecture from cloud to embedded
  • Simple, easy, and inexpensive changes/additions
  • Full upgradability in the field (e.g.: 5G to 6G or Wi-Fi6 to Wi-Fi7)

For Business Leadership:

  • No compromises: capability, efficiency, price, and time-to-market bundled in one platform
  • 75 percent faster development: 4 full releases on HyperX vs. 1 on FPGA
  • Standardized development practice and environment across programs
  • Reusable modules across programs
  • Parallel developments of designs
  • Simplified cost vs. futureproofing tradeoffs
  • Software and -aaS revenue enablement
  • Flexible packaging with HyperX MCMs

Training and Development Support

We provide and host training courses for our customers. They occur regularly, once a month virtually or in our office in Austin, TX. We also offer onsite training for large groups/accounts. The training varies from two and a half to four days, depending on the level of customization for the customer and their target market applications.


Our radiX™ boards provide a prototyping platform for a wide variety of consumer electronics and communications products. The radiX development platform is excellent for general evaluation of HyperX technology, algorithm performance analysis, and element partitioning. It can be used in everything from high volume projects to university and hobbyist applications.

IP Licensing

Our customers may accelerate their development of roadmap products by directly licensing the IP in our HyperX architecture for custom solutions that address their unique needs. Additionally, our rich library of application code is available for licensing to “jump-start” development programs. Customers can also add software-defined capabilities to almost any processor-based product with licensed use of our HyperX technology.

Systems Engineering

At Coherent Logix we also provide Systems, Software, and Semiconductor research and development services. We can help you outline the most ground-breaking approach to any technology, business or product issue. We can help you from inception, to development, to deployment of your product. Our teams offer the most qualified real-time systems and applications professionals available anywhere.