features Coherent Logix’s World’s Most Advanced Space Processor

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Coherent Logix Develops World’s Most Advanced Space Processor

Sep 27, 2023

Coherent Logix has launched an advanced space processor, HyperX: Midnight. The technology is part of the company’s revolutionary HyperX architecture of C-programmable processors for Space 2.0 companies, military applications and terrestrial to satellite convergence.

Space 2.0 and Defense
Coherent Logix has been serving the Space 2.0 and Defense markets for 15 years. In these markets, high-performance computing (HPC) with low power draw and radiation hardening is the absolute key to success. With the release of HyperX: Midnight, Coherent Logix now leads the market with up to four times the computing throughput, half the power consumption and a 40 percent lower price point as compared to leading radiation-hardened FPGAs. This high-performance, low-SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) combination is a game-changer for Space 2.0 companies and military applications, enabling far greater capabilities to be packaged in smaller satellite buss configurations, dramatically lowering launch costs and accelerating industry growth.

In keeping with Coherent Logix’ mission of “Redefining Hardware as Software,” HyperX: Midnight also brings software-defined operations, C-programmability and the latest in software simulation and debugging tools to the Space 2.0 community. Coherent Logix’ HyperX Studio design suite enables four times faster software development cycles as compared to the rigors of developing for FPGAs and offer full on-orbit re-programmability, so improvements can continue long after launch.

“With our HyperX: Midnight System-on-Chip, we are delivering definitive advantages in launch cost, time-to-market, and spacecraft functionality to our space and military customers,” said Walt Gall, CEO of Coherent Logix.

The HyperX family of System-on-Chip also includes processors for terrestrial markets that are harnessed with the same computing, efficiency, and programmability features. HyperX SoCs support market solutions across several sectors, including consumer electronics, 5G mobile infrastructure, video/broadcast infrastructure, machine vision, sensor processing and production-oriented AI. The company’s new models also decrease processing waste and meet consumer demand for green computing.

From early on, Coherent Logix has served as an architect and integral team member of the Advance Television Systems Committee’s (ATSC) standards committee, and a developer of voluntary standards for digital television broadcasting that helped to facilitate interoperability with other media.

With Coherent Logix’ technology, design engineers are no longer tethered to the traditional limitations of component design, and instead can build ‘best of breed’ ATSC 3.0 algorithms that fulfill today’s features and tomorrow’s innovations.

Connected Devices
“By 2030 there will be 29.4 billion connected devices on the planet and 16.2 billion of these will be new, and most will always be on,” said Coherent Logix CEO Walt Gall, Ph.D. “Devices make life better, but we can’t afford for them to make our planet worse.”

Design engineers at Coherent Logix are meeting the challenge of a connected future with HyperX processors that are software-defined hardware and offer up to four times the performance of competitors while consuming half the power. Like the human brain, the company’s processing elements consume power only when they are thinking, which is a tremendous advantage.

“Satellite/terrestrial convergence is a key theme in the industry,” Gall said. “With the addition of HyperX: Midnight, we enable development of software-defined solutions for security, communications, AI, and imaging that serve both Space 2.0 and terrestrial interests in one common effort. That is just one more example of how HyperX is Ready for Life at the Edge.”